Champion Of The Cause: Malte Muenke

Malte 49er
In the six weeks or so, we have been ramping up our sailing time, and have accumulated a total of 32 hours in the 49er. We have learned a tremendous amount already, with our learning curve nearly vertical at this point, and we are looking forward to a US Sailing clinic at the Oakcliff Sailing Center in New York this weekend, where we will get to check in, and assess our skills against a hand full of other talented young teams. None of the progress that we have made so far would have been possible if it were not for one team member in particular, Malte Muenke.

Ever since we asked Malte if we could use his boat, he has been all-in, putting together tuning guides based on online resources, joining us on the water, and contributing lots of helpful advice and resources to the endeavor.

Malte, we can’t thank you enough for being part of our team, and we look forward to sailing with you again soon!

Author: A Salty Brother

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