Endless Thank You’s

nationals awardsOne of our extended team members, Dane’s little brother and partner for the last two years is our “Guest Editor” for the day… or at least this post.

Hi everyone, Quinn here. I wanted to thank McBride.Wilson for their help and support for the past two and a half years, that, as of a few days ago, has resulted in Riley Gibbs and my qualifying for the ISAF Youth Worlds in 2014. I want to thank my brother for showing me the ropes and helping coach Riley and me on our lead up to both Orange Bowl, and the qualifier at the 29er Nationals. He’s been a great partner and has evolved our technique massively since we started sailing together in 2010; and, he helped Riley specifically get tuned to the finer points of our somewhat unique approach. As far as Willie is concerned, I can’t say enough. He’s pretty much taught Dane, Riley and myself not just how to go fast, but how to prepare and compete. He’s an awesome mentor and the best support anyone can have as a coach. The results are proof of Willie’s help and Dane’s. This will be my third trip to ISAF Youth Worlds, and my second Orange Bowl victory and my very first 29er National Championship.

Now it’s my turn to return the favor. While Dane is still traveling in India I’m going to step onto the 49er so Willie can get some time on the wire rather than the coach boat.

There’s also a whole bunch of other people to thank including the Lewis’ in Florida for our housing, the SBYSF for all their support, CISA, Kaenon, my Mom and Dad, and Riley for stepping up and doing an awesome job!

Thanks again,
Quinlan Lake (USA 8)

Author: A Salty Brother

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