Miami Heat

Two zombies stumble into a chain link pen in a rainstorm…

On Sunday night, we were those zombies, as we rolled into the Miami Rowing Club after a 50 hour driving marathon across America, greeted by a 30 second rain squall.  After unloading our two boats in tow, and one on the roof, we grabbed a quick dinner, and hit the pillows hard at the home of our incredible hosts, the Lewis family.

As soon as we got to the boat park this morning, the racing started, as the first order of business was to try to be rigged in time for practice races at noon. An hour later, we scarfed a few sandwiches, pounded our remaining supply of water, and headed out for our first sail in Miami in the 49er.  In 6-9 knots, practice racing went very well and we’re feeling excited about the gains we’ve made in the last few months, but there is lots more sailing to come, and many more conditions to be tested, so we look forward to a productive month!

One of the biggest challenges today was staying hydrated.  With the humidity, and the scorching sun, we were drenched in sweat from the time we stepped out the door in the morning.  By lunch time we had finished all of our water, and ended up cutting our session to two hours.  After putting our boat away, we made a b-line for the sports store, where we bought more reusable water bottles and grabbed some electrolyte supplements.  We’re all set for tomorrow, and looking forward to a nice, full day of training!

We’ll be posting periodic updates throughout the month, and we’ll try to update our Facebook page daily, so be sure to follow along with our progress!


Willie and Dane


Author: A Salty Brother

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