Love The Ocean

From Whence We Came

John F. Kennedy said “We are tied to the ocean, and when we go back to the sea whether it is to sail or to watch it, we are going back from whence we came.” We feel those ties every day that we spend in the wind, the sun, and the salt water and our daily encounters with seals, sea lions, and dolphins, are a constant reminder of the teeming community of creatures just beyond our shores. The big blue ocean – our playground – is their home. Unfortunately, human impact has become more and more common, which is why we are dedicating our efforts to raising the issue of ocean stewardship.

Awareness – A Platform for Our Voice
We view the Olympics as the ultimate stage to broadcast our message of ocean awareness. Instead of yelling, “Just Do It,” from the front of the Wheaties box, we want to be screaming, “Love The Ocean” from the top of the podium, but along the way we aim to build a network of supporters behind our campaign who will contribute to the dialogue and effort.  Here are some of our daily victories, which are already working to spread the message:

Education – Ocean Education Through Coaching
Each year, our coaching practices, debriefs, and instructional videos reach hundreds of kids across the United States, and by incorporating environmental best practices into our teaching, we’re working to ensure that the next generation of sailors only know good habits.  Reducing one-use plastic products such as water bottles, and ensuring that trash gets disposed of correctly are two simple way to reduce our impact on the marine ecosystem.

For information on how to have us come run a clinic for your group or organization, click here.

Activism – Beach Cleanups
Each month we rally the sailing community to participate in a beach clean up at a local beach, or a popular sailing venue.  We hope that first hand exposure to the debris that washes up on shore will help to increase awareness of how the things we do on the water has far reaching effects.

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A baby sea lion paid Quinn and Riley a visit, jumping in their boat to take a quick nap, and join in a few drills.

A baby sea lion paid Quinn and Riley a visit, jumping in their boat to take a quick nap, and join in a few drills.