Fall Training In Santa Barbara

While the breeze is still light in Miami, take a road trip out to California to take your speed to the next level.  This fall we’ll be solidifying lessons from worlds, and gearing up for the winter season by doing some consistent training in Santa Barbara, and we’d love everyone to come train with us! The focus of our fall training program will be on systematic speed work with short course racing in the afternoons.  The goal is to get a few solid teams together to be totally open about training philosophies, and tuning numbers, and ultimately to work through a matrix of variables in order to make a jump to the next level in boat speed. We think that through super organized training sessions, and systematic speed testing, we can leapfrog each other to the next level of boat speed that many of the top teams have found.


  • Sharing is caring.  Without full open collaboration, we won’t learn nearly as much, so everyone will be expected to push each other and share ideas on everything from setup to training philosophies.
  • Tuning-speed is the basis for racing-speed, but they are not the same! Because of this, we will try to start each day tuning with a scientific approach to eliminating variables, and then roll into racing drills with more systematic changes to see if our tuning sessions translate into racing speed (being able to hold lanes, sail in chop, etc.).
  • Consistent training is more effective than occasional bursts of intense training.  3 days on (3-4 hours/day), 1 day off, 2 days on (4-5 hours/day), 1 day off per week will minimize stress on our bodies, give us time to digest each training block, and make time for surfing, kiting, diving, or whatever you’re into.
  • We feel that creating a relaxing, but professional lifestyle outside of training is critical to success.  We can help find housing, and get you acclimated to SB lifestyle, which is ideal for training.
  • On board camera comparisons are critical for technique and setup.  Through our intensive 29er program over the last few years we’ve developed a lot of productive techniques for evaluating video side by side, which will help create a dialogue on standardizing techniques.


When the breeze starts shutting down in the rest of the state, Santa Barbara usually keeps generating an epic local sea breeze, that often lasts into November.  With the small town environment, we have the professional waterman lifestyle on lock down with access to a quiver of kite and surf gear, spearfishing and motor boat equipment, paddle boards, etc.  The local mountains also offer awesome hiking and mountain biking.  Good gyms and trainers whether you’re into crossFit, Sweat Outdoors, or just a 24 Hour Fitness.  Nothing is more than a 15 minutes drive from any other point, so we can maximize time on the water and minimize wasted transport time. In addition, we have access to some of the best coaches in the world, who frequent the boat park and coach boat free of charge.  Probable coaches during the period include Howard Hamlin, Dave Ullman, Craig Wilson, and Quinn Wilson. Professional photographer and waterman, John Kelsey will be hanging out with our crew to help create epic social media and fundraising content for all teams participating.  Check out the galleries that John has worked on with us here, or his portfolio here.


The training facilities include dock space to store boats and equipment on the water, coach boats, and access to the SBYC.  We’ll have full reign over the place, so we can use TVs and conference rooms for debriefs, etc. We can help find free housing with families for anyone who is interested in coming down, or we can help find places to rent if you’d like your own place for the fall. Coaching opportunities are available for those who need to make money!